Adele’s Diet Success, How She Did It

There are few people who don’t like Adele. Very well described as a powerhouse, this is a singer who knows how to truly captivate an audience. Indeed with beautiful song lyrics, an exceptional stage presence and a personality that is truly likeable, Adele has won the hearts of music lovers the world over.

In recent times, talk about Adele has not just been about her music, but also about her slimmer appearance, something that fans cannot fail to notice. Some people may have been surprised to see Adele focus on losing weight, after all she herself said that she would never lose weight because she was told to, for her making music was about being a musician. See the full diet plan here, How Adele Lost So Much Weight! Down 30 Pounds!

That being said, there is no doubt that in recent times our beloved Adele has turned her attention to her weight and successfully shed a significant amount. Of course the burning question we all have is how she managed to do it. What diet did she stick to? Let’s take a quick look.

Did She Use Any Tricks?

Sources say that Adele followed the Sirtfood Diet, what is this diet all about? In general it involves eating plant based foods. Some of the most common foods of the Sirtfood Diet are as follows:

– Green tea
– Dark chocolate
– Citrus fruits
– Kale
– Blueberries
– Capers
– Apples
– Red wine

It’s said that the foods of the Sirtfood Diet get the body’s ‘skinny gene’ working, without depriving the person of foods they can enjoy. Indeed, Adele was still able to indulge in red wine and cheese while at the same time sticking to her diet!

So is this diet just about losing weight? Certainly, Adele is sure proof that the diet is a success in this regard, but it does not tend to be the focus of the diet. Rather, the focus is on eating the best of the food that nature provides for us. Plant based foods are full of antioxidant compounds which are great for boosting the immune system as well as cutting the risk of chronic disease. We could say that three of the key element to the Sirtfood Diet are:

– improving overall health
– losing weight
– enabling us to live longer.

These sure are great benefits to a diet that includes plenty of tasty food!

Of course, there is another aspect to our lifestyle that comes into play when trying to lose weight and improve our overall health. What are we talking about? Exercise! Indeed, while paying attention to the foods that we eat is vitally important, coupling our efforts with adequate exercise is what makes the whole situation a winner.

What did Adele do in the form of exercise? Actually, she was very committed to this side of her life. With the help of personal trainer Pete Geracimo, Adele stuck to a tough fitness program. She focused on her whole body and dedicated herself to a fitness regime that included weight lifting, circuit training and cable machines.

Losing weight can be a difficult task, in fact at times it can feel like a mission impossible. Even superstars like Adele understand the importance of giving attention to our physical health, so what was her secret? Simple, she chose a diet plan that was right for her and coupled it with an excellent fitness regime. You or I may not be superstars but we can easily take a leaf from Adele’s book and give thought to our own health and appearance. By choosing the right eating plan and exercise you may soon see that shedding a few unnecessary pounds doesn’t have to be too difficult a task!