The Power of Pets in Real Estate

There is no question that the real estate has long held a narrow-minded view of pets. According to traditional thinking, any time someone desired to sell their residential property, it really was best if they covered up all traces of any pet ownership. This meant hiding any toys, pet food, or even the pet themselves. However, the good news for pet owners is that the real estate business is definitely starting to soften up when it comes to home sellers and their beloved pets. There are many pet cafes which are located near to Midtown Gardens location. Please see Midtown Gardens Guocoland at Tan Quee Lan Street near to Bugis MRT Station. These pet cafes is available for the residents of Midtown Gardens.

One of the reasons for why this shift in demographic attitude is occurring is simply due to the statistics: roughly 65 percent of households own a pet, which is nine points higher than in 1988. Moreover, over 80 percent of these pet owners will go so far as to consider their pet a member of the family.

Real estate experts are now finding new ways to address this pet love. One strategy they use is called the Pet Realty Network, which is a social platform for property owners to showcase their pets. It is currently sitting at 300 members strong, and they will pay annual dues of $30 to be included in this directory. Additionally, they all realize that societal attitudes have changed.

“Most of my real estate clients realize that the days of hiding a pet are over,” says Rhona Sutter, who is a realtor with Downing Frye Realty in Naples, Florida. “No, you still wouldn’t want a really large dog greeting a potential home buyer, but a pet-friendly real estate listing is a trendy advantage nowadays.”

Interestingly enough, there have even been several examples where a real estate firm will use marketing with a pet angle. One popular home showcase was of a $5 million listing from the perspective of a french bulldog named Rocco. Moreover, this isn’t the only instance of this happening.

Home builders are also joining in on this new pet trend as well. They will often build floor plans that will include built-in nooks for the pets to have a nice place to take a rest. There are even luxury condominiums that will often build pet parks for their residents. This is truly something that everyone wants to get in on, including such well-known real estate firms as Coldwell Banker. They recently joined forces with to start a national campaign called “Home’s Best Friend.”

If you are interested in proving to others that you are pet-friendly, there are several ways for you to do it. Consider the following:

You can do it through your networking.

Doing it through your networking simply means that you find fellow pet lovers, either through volunteering at an animal rescue or through joining a play group. Websites such as Pet Reality Network can help you find agents that love animals as much as you do!

You can accomplish it through asking the right questions.

You should ask the realtors about things to keep in mind regarding your pets and any property you are interested in. If there is a homeowners association, ask the realtor for a copy of their guidelines regarding pet ownership. Examine the property to see if it has significant outdoor space for your animals as well.

You can do it through the marketing of your properties.

If you as a realtor are interested in reaching out to pet owners for your potential clients, you need to market your properties for their pet appeal. You would do this by hosting events that are pet-friendly to your potential buyers. Such events as pet boutique gatherings, charity drives, and other gatherings are a good start. When you join these in tandem with newspaper advertisements and pet-themed real estate articles in magazines you definitely get an unbeatable combination!

When you are selling your real estate, don’t forget that pet owners can be considered as an untapped market. Do you want to sell more properties? Then you owe it to yourself to explore as many avenues as possible.

Levels of Experience in Real Estate Brokers

Level 1- Not Taking a Loss

This is the bottom level for agents. Some people at this level are looking to make some extra money. They perform good enough to stay employed but may not be at the top of the game.

Level 2- Planning

At this level the agents have found this safe zone and what works for them. They meet their numbers but do not seem to exceed these numbers of excel. They are not doing anything wrong but they will not reach the top in this field.

Level 3- Competition

These team members are motivated to succeed. There are external factors that will help motivate them. They want to make themselves look good but at the same time, they are making others look bad. If they do not come out on top they are quick to place the blame on others or say that they have faulty leads. These people look for easy market conditions so they can be successful. They can be expendable but there is hope that they can change.

Level 4- Looking for Improvement

Real estate agents at this level have intrinsic motivation and they want to do better. They are in control of themselves and their future.  A real estate agent at this level knows they are in charge of their destiny.

Level 5- Looking for a Challenge

The agents at this level are aware of the business and they can be assigned to challenging clients. They know more about the housing market and understand the real estate field. They fit into a team and they welcome a challenge. They want to be recognized for their skills and they want to be the best at what they doing. They are trying to beat their own ales records. They have a plan for tackling challenges.

Level 6- Looking for Mastery

This person is a valuable member of the team. They always do their best and they do not care about the performance of everyone else on the team. They are high achievers and they do not mind a challenge. They are focused on their work and being the best that they can be in their field. They do not worry about outside influences and are not bothered by them at all. They can succeed in any housing market and any conditions.

There are different levels in real estate for the agents. All agents should be encouraged to reach the mastery level. As the team moves forward those at the bottom are not going to enjoy success. Those that are doing their best to sell homes and do so with confidence can expect to see success through the year.

Improved Megadevelopments in the Market Today


Mega Developments Preferred for Real EstateDevelopers have responded accordingly to the recent preference for constant lifestyle with the availability of amenities. People are looking for homes in places where they can easily access their workplaces, medical facilities, grocery stores, and public places. Luckily, developers are keen to clients’ taste of convenience and are providing the buyers with precisely what they bargain for and even more.

Experts believe that the urge for convenience has been pushed by the need to save time and money. It is economical in terms of cutting transportation expenses and also saves time spent when moving between different destinations. From the developers’ perspective, it is an opportunity to invest significant amounts of money after the long wait caused by the recession.  Investors are more motivated by the fact that megadevelopments are erected on the outskirts of the cities where land is relatively cheaper.

Unlike the traditional cases where mega developments only occurred in the major cities, medium-sized cities are also receiving significant attention from developers currently. It is incredible that developers no longer focus on cities alone but suburbs too, including areas where no one dared to venture some years back. Industries and businesses have also influenced the development of mega developments such as the Pinewood Forest LLC found in Fayetteville, Atlanta and which lies next to the developer’s movie studio.

The types of structures have changed significantly with developers shifting from the traditional new and spread out buildings to single huge multipurpose structures. While some mega developments are made from common structures to produce structures like the ones at BullStreet District, others use different materials such as mature vegetations with varying aging rates.

Developers have chosen to include different types in mega developments to increase the chances of everyone getting something they love. The available types include treehouses, micro homes, and student houses. Some developers also add novels to differentiate their projects from others. For instance, while some people include healthcare amenities, some go for religious facilities and educational institutions.

Traditionally cities were the most appealing mega development sites, but today developers are attracted to different factors. The most appealing factors for investors today include space for expansion, affordability of land, and sites with less development. Other developers also consider the existing structures in a region so that they can build houses that complement the original ones. Buyers are looking for places with some green space like parks, underground streams, and other environmental features where they can relax. Sites with pedestrian pathways in between houses have also attracted buyers looking for a communal style of living since footpaths encourage interactions between neighbours.
Long-Term Viability
Stakeholders in the real estate industry and who specialize in megadevelopments are well-informed about planning and future expectations. All parties involved understand the huge funds needed for megadevelopments and thus follow the market conditions keenly to avoid future conflicts. The plans are made flexible enough to accommodate future changes that may arise. Luckily, the level of diversification associated with megadevelopemnts allows for flexibility, and thus both investors and buyers have little to worry about.



It is important to look at a real estate team to find success in the long run. Sales numbers are not always everything. There are several ways to assess the real estate team and there are different ways to make adjustments. There are different levels in real estate and some tips on how to improve upon these levels.

Presale Renovations One of the Newest Trends for 2020

As individuals buy their home and then, later on, decide to sell it, new trends are always constantly developing. One of the newest ones for 2020 would be called “Pre-Sale Renovations” Simply put, this is a practice where prospective sellers can still sell their home even if they are concerned about the renovations the home might need. One of the main problems with selling a home that needs a little extra TLC is that sellers simply either do not have the funds to put money into the property or they don’t want to take the risk. However, more and more brokerage firms are springing up that will help front you the money to pay for presale renovations. The beauty of these pre-sale renovation plans is that you can use the proceeds from the real estate sale to pay them back. However, there are many more advantages to this trend. Consider the following:

Ask any real estate professional, and they will tell you just how important it is to properly stage a property before you begin showing it. However, one small problem has always been that sellers were not allowed to make more than just decorative enhancements to their property while it was with a realty. If they wanted to do more than that, about the best a realtor could do was refer them to a contractor. However, the problem remained that the seller still had to dip into their own pockets in order to make improvements to their property. Times have changed for the better, though, because they now have the option of fixing and flipping their own home as long as they have built equity in the home.

Additionally, there are programs of this type that are done in-house, but there are also programs where a real estate will simply refer you to an independent contractor and simply collect on the price of the renovations once the home sells. Yes, it is very convenient, to say the least.

When a real estate firm offers this type of service, it can improve their business and make it more organized. This is because this is another tool that can be added to the real estate agent arsenal, empowering them and motivating them to get more houses sold. However, it also is good for the sellers the real estate agents are working with. Additionally, real estate agents love services like this because it empowers them. They are able to not only sell fully remodeled houses, but also houses that still need some work. Overall, it’s a win-win for everybody!

It isn’t just the real estate agent that will reap the rewards from this type of system. The individual selling their property will reap the rewards as well. First of all, the seller will often be able to find a buyer much quicker, simply because a fully remodeled is easier to sell. Moreover, sellers love this arrangement because they often can get a higher price for their property.

All in all, this is a great way for sellers to get more money for their property. Of course, it won’t work for everyone. If the cost of remodeling the home is higher than the equity the seller has in the property, a real estate company will often reject this arrangement. However, if you have more equity than the cost of your repairs, you should seriously look into this arrangement!

Tap Local Banks for Better Rates

Mortgage lenders are a popular choice for home mortgages. If a person is looking for a good deal they should check with their local bank.Around 42 percent of home buyers are looking to their local bank for mortgages. The relationship they have with their bank can make it quick and easy to get a mortgage. Banks are becoming more competitive and offer better services and discounts for their loyal customers. If a person does all of their banking at the local bank they can get a better rate turning to their local institution for their loans.

Regional banks are looking to add services for all types of buyers. A local loan officer can assist people with special mortgage needs. There are programs such as the Right Step program from TD bank that is good for first time home buyers. They can put as little as three percent down and will not need to purchase private mortgage insurance. Banks may offer loans where there is a construction boom. If there are special economic considerations in the area the bank can also help with this.

Buyers are looking for help with the process and the loan officer can help with their unique financial situation. They can help a buyer find the plan that fits their needs and will calculate different options so they can find the best choice.

Banks can offer loans at competitive rates. They can match the competition. The officer can help a buyer lock in a special rate. If a customer has been loyal to a bank they can get some good discounts and incentives for their mortgage loan. The bank can advise them and make them aware of local offers. This can allow the buyer to become more comfortable with the mortgage process.

There are strict regulations that can make the home buying a scary process. The local bank can help with any questions and underwriting issues. They can also help with dates and help clarify the entire process. The relationship is important to the bank. The goal is to purchase the home and get to a closing. The bank can work with the client to make sure they get all the documents they need and everything is clarified.

It is important to connect with the mortgage company and put the process on a fast track to closing. Banks can work with clients that may have special circumstances and help them if any issues arise. They can talk about the complex issues and help a person find a loan that will work with them for their mortgage.

Developing a relationship with a local bank is important. Not every bank will have mortgage offers that will work but building a relationship with a local bank can allow a buyer to have more options. There will be faster response time, a more complete follow-through process, and it will be easy to get in touch with the bank. These professionals can help a person get a mortgage that works for them.