Parc Esta Near to Eunos MRT Station

I guess you are wondering why this station? If you have been to Singapore well, you will know what am talking about. It is one of the top best-made stations in Singapore. It is mainly on the east-west part of Geylang, Singapore and considered one of the oldest station to built. This station is just near the Eunos bus interchange. In honor of one of the earliest pioneer, it was named after Muhammad Eunos bin Abdullah.This pioneer secured a vast tract of land. 700 hectares. Mainly for the Malay settlements. This rapid mass transit was built above the ground. The 700 hectares is located in Jalan Eunos bin Abdullah .

Parc Esta Eunos MRT Station

This station is full of different architect styles. This design cannot be compared to any of the other east, western line stations in Singapore. The plan is traditional. Why? The station was built a long time ago. The earliest pioneer used Malay roof as a structure. But the shape of the structures was almost similar to that of the western parts of the east-west line. Similar to Chinese and boon lay stations and the northern parts of the north-south border. Parc Esta is located near to Eunos MRT Station and is just minutes away from other developments as well.

Parc Esta Condo Eunosville HUDC Enbloc

Woodlands is different because it uses the modern technologies materials like metal steel for beams. Eunos bus interchange is similar to woodlands. This design gives the two stations a similarity and identity to the people around the area as the Geylang, and Malay villages close to the station. Eunos mass rapid station.

Eunos MRT Station was built on 17th December 1985. This contract was named 303 and awarded to a construction company named Okumura/Oh Teck Thye. Eunos was supposed to be constructed from Paya Lebar station to Kembangan station. The construction of this project took place on January 1986 and completed on 4 November 1989. Most of the eastern ground station was built without screen doors platform. Half height screen doors platform installation took place on 5 October 2010. Their operations later started on 16th Dec 2010.

Parc Esta Great World

Eunos Mass rapid transit station has high volume low-speed fans. Operations of installing this began on 11th September 2012. This installation was even done on the Queenstown Mass Rapid station. Privacy screens of Eunos road five stations to Eunos road two were installed. This installation was in January 2017. It took seven months to complete this task. The mounting of the privacy screen was finished in July 2017.

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